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 Pranešimo tema: Dropgun figured out which AK 47 skins are the most popular!
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Chiefs has embraced a study "TOP 5 AK 47 models among its gamers!.. Our group requested that our guests answer what AK47 skins they like for the most part of all) At all We have addressed around 20 000 players. The thing We have discovered was sudden for reserch resaults!..

AK47-Fire Serpent

AK Fire Serpent didn't take the primary spot however took the third!.. Our administrators are certain the season of its ubiquity left... This Serpent inhales with a fire... The Fire Serpent is a costly skin a still one of for the most part well known:)

Wasteland Rebel AK-47

This thing took the First place in our examination and it is truly extraordinary:)

This skin has its own particular charismas!..

AK Redline

AK47 Redline assumed the second position in our examination:) And this isn't an amazement: it's insignificant craftsmanship looks exceptionally a la mode!.. Despite not high cost many individuals need to have it in their stock:)

Vulcan AK47

AK 47 increased Fourth position as indicated by clients votes. This AK 47 is create enlivened thing in the style of some profound mountain ! This is one of for the most part well known yet not exceptionally costly models for AK 47!..

Jet Set - AK 47

Position 5 took the AK47 Jet Set) This AK 47 is in cool request as respondents were replying... Dropgun predicts top request of Jet Set in the closest future) The Jet Set is a genuine high life skin:)

Our supervisors express gratitude toward U for voting! Every one of these things U can simple drop from our cases!..

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 Puslapis 11 [ 1 pranešimas ] 

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