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 Pranešimo tema: DT80 connection issues
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I've recently started making use of the DT80 Series 2, but I'm having trouble connecting to it over USB with some DataTaker software. I have DeLogger, DTUSB and DeTransfer all installed, and DeTransfer seems to work fine, it connects and displays the logged data whenever a log is done (the DataTaker has been pre-programmed for another use by a colleague who isn't around now) - but DeLogger can't connect using the same serial parameters (either auto-detect-baud or 9600, which appears to be what DeTransfer is set to use). Similarly DTUSB simply comes up with "No logger connected or Connection pending". I'm not familiar with the DataTaker programming language so I'd much prefer to use the GUIs of DeLogger or dEX (which appears to need DTUSB to work) if I can, but Google isn't giving me much love on what the problem might be - any thoughts?

Any help will be apprecited.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

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Thank you.

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 Puslapis 11 [ 1 pranešimas ] 

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