VIP Menu for Knife Server Request Items
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Autorius:  Infamous2017 [ 2018 Geg 05 12:30 ]
Pranešimo tema:  VIP Menu for Knife Server Request Items

Hello, could anyone create an VIPMENU for me for my Knife Server ?

IT should have:

Vip Menu Name LPC Knife VIP

1: 500 Gravity
2: no footsteps
3: Smoke Grenade
4: Double Multijump (2xjump)

So when you use it from /vm or /vipmenu and u chose one then it should be activated. And it should work auto when you are dead that u have automatic it again.

Like Example: Use Gravity. -- Activated -- I am dead -- Respawn or Next Round --- Auto Gravity active.

It would be really cool. Thanks for first.

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