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 Forumas: Ne į temą   Tema: DT80 connection issues

 Pranešimo tema: DT80 connection issues
Parašytas: 2018 Rgp 03 08:28 

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Hello, I've recently started making use of the DT80 Series 2, but I'm having trouble connecting to it over USB with some DataTaker software. I have DeLogger, DTUSB and DeTransfer all installed, and DeTransfer seems to work fine, it connects and displays the logged data whenever a log is done (the Da...

 Forumas: Ne į temą   Tema: USB disconnect problem

 Pranešimo tema: USB disconnect problem
Parašytas: 2018 Rgp 03 08:26 

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Hello, Does anyone have an issue whereby they leave cubase open (PC) and after an hour or so of non use the USB components loose connection? On the odd occasion the same can happen within minutes. I tried moving all the USB cables to see if any intermittent issue but none. For example my CC121 alway...
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