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 Forumas: Pluginų prašymai   Tema: Translate Requests MapManager

 Pranešimo tema: Translate Requests MapManager
Parašytas: 2019 Lie 12 22:21 

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Peržiūrėta: 456

When anyone boring maybe he want help with multilingual Languages and can translate to own Language.  [en]MAPM_VOTE_WILL_BEGIN = The voting will begin in next round.MAPM_CANCEL_VOTE = %s^1 canceled voting.MAPM_TIME_TO_END = Until map end leftMAPM_TIMELEFT_OR = orMAPM_NO_TIMELIMIT = Map has no t...

 Forumas: Pluginų prašymai   Tema: Help fixing an Gunxp Unlock Model Problem

Parašytas: 2019 Lie 08 20:33 

Atsakymai: 2
Peržiūrėta: 492

i did i have him in skype but he dont have time. so i ask here :/

 Forumas: Pluginų prašymai   Tema: Help fixing an Gunxp Unlock Model Problem

Parašytas: 2019 Lie 08 19:05 

Atsakymai: 2
Peržiūrėta: 492

Hello, i have an problem. I dont get errors but the Modelchaning after Upgrade dont work. Any Idea ?  #include <amxmodx>#include <engine>#include <gxm_shop>#include <hamsandwich>#include <fakemeta>#include <cstrike> #define IsPlayer(%1) (1 <= %1 <= g_maxplayers)new ItemIndexnew cvar_knock;...

 Forumas: Pluginų prašymai   Tema: JCTF for Swarm Mod get XP

 Pranešimo tema: JCTF for Swarm Mod get XP
Parašytas: 2019 Lie 02 21:29 

Atsakymai: 0
Peržiūrėta: 466

Anyone have it or can create one? I remember there was an Plugin like this for Umbrella Swarm Mods... Anyone an idea?! this would be the INC  // Gun Xp Mod Include File //#if defined _gunxpmod_included  #endinput#endif#define _gunxpmod_included #if !defined charsmax    #defi...

 Forumas: Pluginų prašymai   Tema: fps max , fps_override 0

 Pranešimo tema: Re: fps max , fps_override 0
Parašytas: 2019 Vas 17 12:59 

Atsakymai: 3
Peržiūrėta: 2655

https://forum.kgb-hosting.com/showthrea ... post764262

 Forumas: Internete rasti pluginai   Tema: VIP scoreboard tag

 Pranešimo tema: Re: VIP scoreboard tag
Parašytas: 2019 Vas 15 18:23 

Atsakymai: 4
Peržiūrėta: 2767

need regamedll ?? ? what about linux ?

 Forumas: Pluginų prašymai   Tema: Bhop Detector [s] [p] [g] etc

Parašytas: 2019 Vas 11 20:35 

Atsakymai: 2
Peržiūrėta: 1453

You are funny ... I have it allready. WHen i am searching an Plugin and see only this ban reasons in different websites then from where i should know it ? :D But u can close. i got it allready.

 Forumas: Pluginų prašymai   Tema: Bhop Detector [s] [p] [g] etc

 Pranešimo tema: Bhop Detector [s] [p] [g] etc
Parašytas: 2019 Vas 10 19:07 

Atsakymai: 2
Peržiūrėta: 1453

Hello, i seen in some banlists from servers reasons like:

BhopHack s Detected
BhopHack g Detected
BhopHack p Detected
BhopHack g

Anyone know which Plugin it is ?

 Forumas: Pluginų prašymai   Tema: Translate to your Own Language Freshbans

Parašytas: 2019 Vas 09 14:36 

Atsakymai: 0
Peržiūrėta: 2565

Hello, i hope anyone can add some translations to lithuania or other... it would be cool. Active languages are EN, RO, RU, FR, DE, BG [en]FB_MSG1 = Date [!g%s!y] Server [!team%s!y]FB_MSG2 = Your name [!team%s!y] IP [!g%s!y] SteamID [!g%s!y]FB_MSG3 = For a breakdown visit [!team%s!y]FB_HUD = Date: %s...

 Forumas: [CS KLAUSIMAI] CS 1.6 serverių pagalba   Tema: amx_password_field setinfo Question problem

Parašytas: 2019 Sau 17 12:26 

Atsakymai: 0
Peržiūrėta: 3000

Hello, i edited the admin.sma changed __pw to __ad amx_password_field=register_cvar("amx_password_field", "_ad", FCVAR_PROTECTED) -recompiled, readded. Shutdown Server, start Server. I changed in amxx.cfg amx_password_field "_ad" But still when i check in game its showi...
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